About MapleMe

What is MapleMe?

MapleMe is a character simulator for MapleStory with many features aimed at animators as well as designers.

What can you do with MapleMe?

With MapleMe you can create a MapleStory character as you like, using all the options the game has to offer:

How did MapleMe come to be?

MapleMe is an old project originally started for Sleepywood.net. Back then it was a lot more simple and only provided dressing up characters and saving them.
Limitations and lack of knowledge meant it never really grew and motivation to update was little.

After being approached about it possibly being remade, the original developor decided it would be good opportunity to try and improve the simulator and start over from the beginning using new knowledge.

As a result, MapleMe is being rewritten for the public to enjoy. Now it is constantly being improved to be the highest standard it can be.

Thankyou to those who use MapleMe and help suggest things to make it better. Every single person involved has helped a great deal and I really appreciate it.
~Hanae, developer for MapleMe.