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MapleStory Character Simulator


Welcome to, home of the maplestory character simulator MapleMe.

MapleMe is a character creator for MapleStory with many features. As well as the standard dressing up, there are filters and an advanced layering system aimed at animators.

Easy to Use

MapleMe is designed with users in mind. It is easy to get to the items and features you want!

Features are grouped together where appropriate, and everything is visual.

Advanced Layering

MapleMe has an advanced layering system that is rich in features and also easy to use.

Some examples include modifying individual parts of characters and exporting sprite sheets.

Filters and Blending

MapleMe has filters which apply effects to characters, such as dropping a shadow.

Also many common blending options found in image software is available!


MapleMe has a wide range of features to help animators.

It is possible to export the exact parts of the character needed, look at every pose and even create custom items.


MapleMe strives for accuracy and every item that is added is checked, even things not available in the data such as hair flattening from helmets.

Even complex items with effects will show in MapleMe!
Items are always being checked, but if any are wrong feel free to report it.
MapleMe is currently using data from GMS v156.
Data last updated on 30th October 2014
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